Data Center Solutions

Data Center Solutions

We work with our customers collaboratively to provide an end-to-end solutions throughout the life of a project. This mandate RazorTech to be proficient in an array of stringent disciplines across the construction spectrum. This allow us to be successful in building the right match to our customers’ requirements from local server room to secure data center. 

Custom Design Data Center

Customers requirement for building “Green DataCenter” for environmental friendly or highly redundant Data Center to server their on going disaster recovery plan. We have the right solutions to meet the tactical and strategic expectation through our team of experience consultants. Our goal is to create innovative and sustainable design with highly resilient and inter-disciplinary expertise so that our customers can leave all the heavy lifting to us and focus on the strategic business.

Data Center Maintenance

Razor Tech offers a wide range of preventive maintenance and facilities management. These includes the electrical and mechanical engineering, Cooling, Generator, DCIM, UPS and other IOT devices. We have a fleet of partnerships with most major vendors to provide the support from sourcing of parts and providing proactive updates on these equipments. We also embarked on a Asset management tools to track all the spare parts to ensure their serviceability so to manage the life cycle more efficiently. Apart from these, we also performed periodic inspections and maintenance of equipments for our customers so that they will not miss any critical maintenance ensuring optimum uptime performance.


Apart from the builders work, we can offer you the expertise to help you make the right decision through asking the appropriate questions, capture the right data, defining the options, evaluate what is out there and finally formulate the right solution forward. With our team of experience consultants and proven system you can leverage on us to help you. 

Designing a team internally could be expensive and not sustainable there we are here to help you. We can help you to design your playbook to material your vision. Some of the challenges could be dealing with multiple discipline including structural, M&E, and cross functional. Our goal is to build that bridge so that you can win, and execute the plan with confidence.

Builders work is already complex and with the addition of Data Center this could be very daunting to project manage the entire process. Sometime the questions come to our mind after we award the tender, who will audit the work to ensure they are build in accordance to the specification as per the tender. You might not have the expertise or the time to perform these development monitoring. RazorTech can provide you with a comprehensive audit review so that you can very sure you can getting all the requirement build according to your plan.